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Elizabeth Olsen Responds to Scarlet Witch Movie Rumors

Wanda Maximoff has had a difficult time of it recently. Not, in any event, addressing her horrible uprising in Sokovia, she as of late had her better half-killed before her two times and lost fictitious children who had turned into a reality in her mind. In this way, it's not very unexpected to perceive how her turn in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness turned out to be so dark. She straight-up butchered the whole Illuminati.

The last time audiences saw Elizabeth Olsen onscreen, she had a change of heart, and she met on to make a sacrificial play to obliterate all Darkholds across the Multiverse. However, is she dead?

As per Michael Waldron, the movie's writer, her status is "up for interpretation." Despite those words, it's critical to remember this classic narrating rule: on the off chance that audiences didn't witness it, it didn't happen.

So what's next for the character? What might be said about the solo film that is being discussed within the rumor mill? Fortunately, Olsen herself had the option to eliminate any confusion about everything — or possibly endeavored to.

Will Elizabeth Olsen Star In a Scarlet Witch Movie?...


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