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All above 40? How old do you think they look? See their ages

As a person gets older, we would normally expect their looks to also express with a wrinkle here and there to actually show that this person is actually getting old and also through some slight deterioration of their beauty. Now, as this may be the case for most of us, it seems like there are clear exceptions.

Our childhood TV stars have been drizzling for as far as we can remember them, and guess what? They are still looking as young as ever one would even swear that they are growing in the opposite direction

Our first childhood star is Katlego Danke. The gorgeous Katlego is 43 years of age but one would swear she is 26 years old age which is almost half her age. Most of us might know her as Dineo Mashaba from Generations the legacy.

Our second childhood star is Sonia Mbele. Sonia is 44 years of age, yes you read that right, 44 years! Although she is 44, Sonia looks as stunning as ever and one would easily say she looks 28. They just do not age, or do they?! Most of us know her as Ntombi, also from Generations.

The next one is Thembi Seete. Gosh, she looks like a complete doll. As young and youthy as she may look, Thembi is infact 44 years of age, yes, same age as Ntombi. Now, you have to agree with us when we say she looks 25. Most of us may know her with her original name of Thembi from a dance show called Jika Majika.

And the last, but not least is Sindi Dlathu. You will not believe how old Sindi Dlathu is, As young and dazzling as she may look, Sindi is actually a whole 47 years of age. One could easily conclude that she is amazingly 29 years of age. Most of us know her from Muvhango as Thandaza Mokeona. You might have noticed but she is actually the oldest from the rest although she does not show at all.

We have to acknowledge that make up does play a role in making young look young though even without make up, they still look undeniably younger than their actual age.

Some of the tips from us for looking young, as cliché as it may sound, drink your water, tons of it! Also exercise and eat healthy food and be ready to age gracefully.

Let us hear your opinion. How old do you think they look? how can one maintain themselves to keep looking young?

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