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Zodwa Disagrees With Ancestors Over Sex And Ben 10’s: ‘I wont stop’

Zodwa wabantu's life may take a drastic new path... but according to the artist, she refuses to let go of some aspects of her old life.

The dancer and club host spoke openly about pursuing a spiritual "vocation" after posting a photo of her outfit associated with a traditional healer, or sangoma.

Despite being branded the newest celebrity song on the block, Zodwa claims it's actually not accurate.

She told IOL: "I received a call recently but it was a different kind of call. I'm not a sangoma. I'm not going to a sango school. I'm Inkosazana ya Manzi.

According to Zudwa's mentor and spiritual guide, Dr. Mhlaba of Kwa-Mhlaba Traditional Healer, "Inkosazana ya Manzi" is a person who is "born with the gift of success".

He told the publication: "We found that in the Zodwa family there is a famous person who loves to help people and now his passion lives on Zodwa- so she can easily make friends everywhere and always have a passion, people." to help, even to strangers.

“The Guardian Angel chose her because of her kind heart and saw that she could maintain such a good spirit.

“This gift is Mndawu, with it you came to earth from birth. People with these gifts or blessings have doors open to them. Even if people try to cast a spell on them, nothing happens to them. They are only protected by their good guardian angel.

dr mhlaba Explaining the photo of Zodwa drowning in water, Mhlaba added: 'So with this blessing go somewhere and receive it. This is a pure white spirit. It is a spirit from God and remains in the water when the ancestor dies guarding you.

"Twice she had to go into the water to confess the Spirit and be cleansed so that he could live in it in peace."

But while Zodwa tries to live in harmony with her spiritual guide, she explains that some aspects of her former life are impossible.

The star is known for her naughty lifestyle which includes stripping in clubs which allows fans to touch her and flaunt her sex life with her Ben 10.

When asked if that would change after her call, Zodwa replied, “I told them (ancestors) that I like sex. And I'm not going to stop having sex.

"Even if they took my Ben 10, they should know I'll find another one.

“I even asked them not to take my money. Even if they tell me to stop dancing naked, I will, but if they want me to continue pleasing my fans, so be it. But I gave up on the gift."

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