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Steve Harvey's long lost twin brother.

Broderick Stephen Harvey the fashionista, the man with a breathtaking sense of Fashion whom is well known as an American television and radio presenter an actor, author and businessman, also a former standup comedian. 

He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family feud, celebrity family feud and the Miss Universe competition. Harvey began his career as a comedian and not only does he makes us laugh, but also his shows always comes with great compassionate stories filled with life lessons, and inspiring advices. 

Steve Harvey always goes out of his way, through his status we all know his a blessing to so many people, he brought change to many young and elderly people in the United States, however there's a saying that everyone have a twin somewhere on earth your we eventually will meet our twins one day. 

Steve had a show one night, and he discovered there's a Man who looks just like him in the crowd, while the crowd cheered and laughed, the man was shown on the screen and he really looked like Steve Harvey, not only did he recognize him he actually called him down to the stage and Steve was overwhelmed by the looks of this guy. 

They shed a hug and Steve said "My twin Brotha" with all that sarcasm the man complemeted Steve for his always sharp. If you know Steve's sense of Fashion you'd know what he meant by that statement.

Well Steve went on asked said if the man loves suits he then said yes, and Steve promised to hook a man up with his old suit collections and shoes, how amazing was that gesture of love? 

Well there we have it, follow Steve on Facebook for more of his amazing shows and funny clips if you're love laughing like me. Ciao. 

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