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Generations: Kumkani in shock after he discovers what Mavusana is up to - he will do the unexpected

Generations: Kumkani left in shock after he discovers what Mavusana is upto - this is what he will do to him

We know Kumkani being the boss in most cases and giving orders to a lot of people. We have enjoyed the part where he has always been the feard man in everyway.

Never has Mzansi thought Kumkani would fear anyone like he fears his new business associate. It turns out the man is not to be betrayed and doesn't trust Kumkani anymore since he and Oby separated.

Mavusana is out to get Mpho. Mavusana Hada no way to hide and the only place is to go where Kumkani we LL not touch him otherwise he is a dead man walking.

Mavusanawent to Kumkani's business associate and told him that Mpho cannot be trusted. He was right but what what will happen to him when Kumkani sees him to there?

Yesterday, the show ended with Kumkani knocking on the door and Mavusana panicking. Will that man betray Mavusana by allowing Kumkani to find Mavusana there.

If kumkani finds Mavusana, he is likely to kill him and sell both his organs. He deals in organs after all. Mavusana must prepare himself for the worst

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