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Inno Matijane Throws Bujy Under The Bus In defence Of Boity

Inno Matijane Puts His Two Cents On Boity's and Bujy's Case

As the incident between Bujy and Boity gains more media attention, more people speak open up about how they feel about the unfortunate situation that has led to Bujy's arrest. Gender Based Violence has been striving in the country for the past few years as many women have been victim of such crimes, the government has been active in helping combating the increase of GBV.

In the wake of Wednesday morning the entertainment industry learnt of the sad news involving media personalities Boity Thulo and Bujy, the two were reported to have gotten into a heated debate about ancestors. What was meant to be a debate escalated into a violence which left one party injured, the rapper had to open a case for Bujy after the incidence. Apparently there has been an audio that has been circulating, it was apparently recorded when the altercation took place when they were out hoping for a fun night.

Media personality Inno Matijane has decided to weigh in on the matter, he stated that hearing what Bujy said before throwing a glass at Boity made him want to seek justice for the rapper. Inno has clearly took a side and has chosen to side with the "female", he stated how devastated he was.

"I pray Boity gets justice, listening to those audios broke me 🥺♥️"

He went on to add that he didn't care about what type of argument they had but Bujy being a man had no busy to get physical with a woman. The star reminded everyone that being gay will never give one's a pass for abusing women. 

"I don't care what the argument was about. You don't assault a lady period, you don't get physical with a woman at all, being gay does not give you a pass!!!! "Everyone is going to know who Iam once I fuck Boity up" , very scary of to say that too 💔"

Do you agree with Inno Matijane?

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