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Man That Kill His Child See Where He Is Now In #Ufelani

Man That Kill His Child See Where He Is Now In #Ufelani

#Ufelani is back with season 6 tonight at 21h30. Every time a new season starts, means GBV is not coming to an end. I’m happy she’s still alive to tell her own story as a GBV survivor. Heidi fell for Mzwakhe's good looks and charming voice but that didn’t last long as she soon realized that she was in love with a psychopath

He burnt his own flesh and blood, his baby. He left a new baby on a stove to die. This woman is brave, she's telling the story without shedding a tear. You would think this is fake...Its very true....Our sisters are being abused and being killed by people who claim they love them. My stomach is knots this episode is too much, can't believe we live amongst such human beings.

He put a baby on a hot 2 plate stove and cut the mother’s vagina lips (labia majora) what’s with these men? How the hell?So after murdering his child and attempted murder to Heidi, Mzwakhe got out free, still roaming the streets wow South Africa, I hope the judge doesn't get surprised when he kills again, the police tried shame.

She was being beaten after giving birth Giving birth is hard on the body on its own.He beat his pregnant girlfriend in front of his other two girlfriends, who just watched and laughed. Thhis guy was not okay in the head. All 3 women went through the same thing.

He beat her up to a pulp and she says " I thought it's only temporary"- this guy is is cruelty and brutalit. How can a man do that to a mother, a daughter and a sister to someone?

Like how I'm failing to understand then we're told by the end of the day that the police forces can protect us. The stats for GBV are increasing everyday but our justice is still failing to prosecute the perpetrators 


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