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Umndeni: Maseko And Fezile Wanted To Prove That They're Back Together, See This

One could say that the two actually deserve to be happy and as it seems, everything is going as it should for them, but there is also so much that happened between them, it is even hard to be convinced that these warm moments will last.

It may seem like Maseko has never had a problem going an extra mile for Fezile, and we got some sort of an update in this latest episode. Maseko and Fezile seem to be on the same page, they will probably do just fine as long as Fezile continues with her studies.

If you were watching the show last night, then you would know that Fezile is trying to get it for herself, but Maseko has been there to support her. Fezile was telling Maseko about her progress in the learnership program that she is currently in and how she will soon get a job, but this seemed like a problem to Maseko.

Maseko figured that Fezile will be busy a lot and she will probably not have time for him, he asked Fezile if she would have time for him. And obviously, it will depend on how things are going, Fezile also cannot tell, sometimes, there are busy days and Maseko might have to accept that.

As for the family, they seem pleased that Maseko and Fezile finally worked things out, some of the viewers actually thought that Fezile had moved on. But, as viewers, we can never tell how things have really been between Maseko and Fezile.

The two even shared a kiss on last night's episode and this was probably a way to prove that they are officially back together after all the ups and downs. There has a lot going on when it comes to Fezile and her family, we know how bad the relationship was, and all of this kind of shows that she has been through a lot.

She has her reasons why she decided to work things out with Maseko, what we know is that, they are in a good place, at least, that is how it seems. Maseko seems happy to have his slay queen back and Fezile also looks happy.

The energy is definitely a good start for this new season, there is even a surprise party planned for Maseko, this is a perfect way to bring everyone together. But then, it is not always rosey, it would not even be a surprise if things turn south during the party, there is a lot that we are still going to know about.

The Maseko family can be organised, but that barely happens and this has probably raised some questions. Everyone will be working on the preparations for the party, they were talking and everything seemed fine, there was some connection, but is the connection genuine?

Already, Dabula lost her panty, so it might get hectic in the Maseko's household and the viewers are ready. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to for more on this.


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