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What Is Happening With Busiswah And Vusi Nova? We Cannot Even Recognize Them Anymore

Change is good. It symbolizes growth and it can lead to a lot of good and a person is really allowed to do whatever it is that they wanna do with their bodies without having to explain themselves to anyone.

Some people choose to change certain part of their bodies not because they don't like them, but simply because they just wanna advance certain features. This is more common with celebrities, they are always in the public eye therefore they should always be at their best because paparazzi us always ready

As much as change is good, you should not change yourself to a point that people cannot even recognize you. Vusi nova and Busiswah devoted their new looks and wow you have to look at least 10 times to make sure that it is them. This is not good, it is like something is happening with them because they have changed so much that they are no longer the same people that fans fell in love with. We hope they are happy though

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