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A Trending Video of Ricky Rick And Uncle Waffles And People Cannot Stop Talking

A video of Ricky Rick dancing with Uncle Waffles has been trending on Twitter. No doubt the guy has been associating himself with young talent. Uncle Vinny is one of the kids he helped gain momentum into the Media industry. He solidifies young talents' shine in the industry by mentoring and hyping them with videos. He is clearly someone who believes there's enough pie for everyone to grab a piece in the entertainment business.

Since the video of him and Uncle Wafflrs surfaced, many people have been expressing their views about his relevance in the game. Although he is invested in the streets, some people view his closeness to every young hot talent making its way to the top as a strategy to stay relevant but thats just people's opinions. I bet the young talent he introduced in the game beg to differ, chances are they needed him more than he needs them to make it in the entertainment business.

In a interview he said, "old and well established artist don't want to let go of power. He works with young artists because he understands that a shine is for a certain period of time and other kids will steal the spotlight". Establishing new talent is not only about staying relevant but growing the culture. Few weeks ago Maphorisa was in Shimza's case condemning the fact that he does not introduce new artist or give them credits for their work, its always about him. He further added that the talent goes to waste if they buy the craft and pass it on as their own instead of giving credits to the person that actually did the work so that they can be featured by other artist.

What Ricky Rick is doing for the young artist is really a good thing, he is not a gatekeeper to new artist instead he uses his status to hype them up and make sure they maintain their shine. Tell me what your opinion is on the matter.

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