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OPINION | Jub jub’s apology to Kelly was not sincere


Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye issued a public apology to former girlfriend and mother to her son Kelly Khumalo. A lot can be said about the apology, but was it sincere enough?


It took Jub Jub over 2 months to publicly come out and apologize to Kelly Khumalo after his comments that he made on the podcast and chill network. People have questioned why it took him so long? And whether not this is a publicity stunt?! It's been documented in the past few months that things are not going well with Jub Jub and his reputation has been placed under higher scrutiny. After being suspended by Television channel Moja Love, things have taken a downward spiral. Allegations of rape were laid against him by former girlfriend Amanda Du Pont who believed that Jub Jub raped her in the 3 years they were together.

Amanda recalls how Jub Jub’s mother would have control over their relationship by introducing muthi to her. Jub Jub has denied all allegations saying that she's out to taint his name.

The decision Jub Jub took to come out and apologize I feel wasn't genuine. In his statement he is quick to emphasize how he didn't see any wrong in what he said but the manner of approach, which doesn't show sincerity. I also feel as though he was forced to apologise by the Moja Love network for him to return to work. He has been laying low and now needs to get back to work. The tragedy about all of this is that Kelly will use this as ammo against him to deny him any chance of seeing his son or having a relationship with him.

Was Jub Jub sincere in your eyes?

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