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UthandoNesthembu: Once Again, MaKhumalo Is Reminded Of A Sad Reality

Viewers have been keeping up with the Mseleku family as it continues to deal with some of their serious problems, in the weeks that we have been watching the show, we have not even seen a glimpse of a happy union.

There is a lot that probably clouds the genuine moments between the Mseleku wives, there should be times where they express some of the things that they love about each other. But has that ever happened, though?

And this is not about them limiting what they portray for TV, it would be interesting to know if they ever get along and spend time together, simply because they want to.

Now, this is something that had to be brought up because one would expect that, as women, the other wives would understand what MaKhumalo is going through. We are all aware that Mseleku wants MaKhumalo's household to have sons and once again, this has put MaKhumalo in the spotlight.

It has reminded her of a sad reality, she might feel like there has been all of this back and forth regarding children because of her. And obviously, what is happening between MaKhumalo and Mseleku is not on the other wives and they really cannot be painted as bad people just because they chose to distance themselves.

As it seems, that was the decision that they made and everyone who is involved has to be totally fine with it, however, all the wives are mothers, except for MaKhumalo.

There is a huge part of each of their lives that brings them together, whether they like it or not and that is Mseleku, without him in the equation, they would not have to tolerate each other. They are sister wives, they are family and because of that, it is almost necessary for them to look out for each other.

It might be MaKhumalo who is going through some challenges today, but it could be MaCele, MaYeni or MaNgwabe tomorrow and just as MaKhumalo needs support, they will need it too.

There are other options that MaKhumalo can explore if Mseleku intends on putting an end to the tension in the family. MaCele does not want her child to go to MaKhumalo's household and that is very much understandable, what this means is that, Mseleku should allow MaKhumalo to have her own children by exploring other options.

And most importantly, the other wives should be in the forefront of making sure that this happens for MaKhumalo.

We get that Mseleku is culturally oriented, but life has changed, things are done differently now, if a woman could not have children by her own back then, that was it for her, but a lot has advanced and MaKhumalo has options available to her.

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