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Twitter React to Bahumi Madisakwane Who Refuses to Perform Mhlogo's Rituals For Change of Surnames.

There is a wide range of cultural understandings of the relationship to ancestors especially within the african people/families.

Twitter took their concerns and opinions to twitter after today's episode of "Living the dream with Somizi" on conversation between Somizi and his daughter Bahumi.

Basically Bahumi has been requesting to change her mother's surname of Madisakwane to Mhlongo, her father's surname. But due to her refusing to perform rituals and acknowledging the Mhlongo's ancestors for the surname, Somizi refused to let her get the surname.


Their convo divided twitter in half where some applauded Bahumi for standing her ground with her beliefs while few thought it was perfect of Somizi to stand his ground too by refusing to do things Bahumi's way.

The Salvation Army upholds God alone is to be worshipped. The Salvation Army believes that God – Father, Son and Spirit – is fully able to protect, bless and comfort. Jesus Christ is our mediator. Christians can put their complete trust in God. Therefore, The Salvation Army maintains that it is unacceptable to give offerings and sacrifices of any kind to appease the dead, to offer worship to ancestors or to invoke their help as mediator or protector.

African spiritualists or African believers focuses on the practices of people seeking to find solutions through ancestral worship. We recognise grieving for the dead is a natural process. However, when practices become a worship of the ancestors they are unacceptable. Salvationists will understandably demonstrate gratitude and honour to God for the lives of those who have gone before us.

What do you think?

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