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Sh0cking: See the picture of Anele Mdoda that set the internet on fire


Anele Mdoda's filthy image has set the internet on fire: Anele Mdoda has been trending for all the wrong reasons for the past few weeks, owing to THAT Kelly Rowland tweet. But now she's posted a raunchy photo that's making many wonders, "Who is Kelly Rowland?" Her most current snapshot was handed to the radio presenter!

Anele Mdoda was a guest on Unathi Nkayi's Kaya FM show, Midday Joy With Unathi. She was wearing a low-cut white gown with black heels. Anele, too, wore her hair short and looked gorgeous.

She posted a picture of herself crouching in the boot of her car as if looking for something. Because Unathi mentioned her in the caption, we're presuming she snapped the photo.

She then proceeded to declare that she was heading to the gym to strengthen her legs! Anele essentially consumed the image. Sheesh!

Because the bullying was getting out of hand, we may have advised that Anele Mdoda compose an apology letter. Sis, on the other hand, is free to utalise it as she pleases. Every time Kelly posts a photo or image, Anele is embarrassed and disgraced for her filth.

With this shot, she, on the other hand, proved everyone incorrect. She may have been given the opportunity to apologize in front of a large audience, such as on Mac G's podcast or Channel O's Chill series, but she refused to recant or change her beliefs.

"I have nothing against Kelly; in fact, I don't think she's more beautiful than Beyoncé." There are a lot of people that you wouldn't think are more attractive than others... "When Michelle was dubbed the ugliest member of Destiny's Child for years, no one raised an eyelid," she told MacG.

She was responding to Sizwe Dlomo's statement that Kelly is "lowkey the prettiest" in Destiney's Child in a tweet she made two years ago. "Kelly looks fantastic with make-up," Anele countered. If you remove your make-up, it's tickets. "I have receipts," Anele explained.

Anele did not give up despite the hostility she experienced. In response to a tweet, I remarked, "I didn't say Kelly isn't gorgeous, I said she isn't the prettiest in DC." She stated, "Read to comprehend, not to murder."

"She has natural swag over B," she commented in a second tweet, "but she isn't the sexiest DC member." "No," she answered when asked if she should apologize. I enjoy following the latest fashion trends. It ensures that the bills are paid. I'd be lying if I said she was prettier than Beyoncé. She stated at the moment, "Have a happy life."

Things were tense at one point, and the Americans joined in with their slurs. They originally referred to her as Anele Pumba, and they recently stated that she resembles Anthony Anderson.

People were convinced at one time that Kelly Rowland was also slamming Anele by dressed in identical costumes to hers to illustrate a point.

What do you think about this as a reader? What do you think about the picture though?


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