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Controversial Album Cover Infuriates fans

Beardo drops art cover to his upcoming album and the reactions are startlingly.

Fresh off the release of his much anticipated first single of 2021, 'Village Vixen' rapper Beardo Skyf Timbojana took to social media to release the cover art to his upcoming debut album "LikeCracKinThe80s".

The reactions from his family, friends and fans on social media were rather unexpected. 

The cover art, a black and white image of a hand holding what appears to be a crack pipe used to smoke crack cocaine or crystal meth is considered by many of his fans to condone the use of illegal drugs which depicts the rapper as a bad role model. 

The album title "LikeCracKInThe80s" is not helping the situation as it likens the concept or content of the project to the crack epidemic back in the 1980's 

"When making this body of work, I wanted to document the effects of Rap or Hip-hop music in modern society"

The rapper claims that the cover art was in no way intended to promote or condone the use of drugs but rather to educate and raise awareness of the fact that Hip-hop has a massive impact on the youth's intuition and lifestyle choices because of its influence from fashion to culture.

What is your opinion on the cover art? Please let us know on the comment section down below.


Beardo Skyf Timbojana - Village Vixen (Ft. Mazola Killa Mezzy)

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