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Meet Top Celebrities Who Got Into Violent Fights In Public

In a way, we tend to hold celebrities up to a certain ideal. Aside from being amazing performers on stage or in film and television, we like to think that they are also model citizens. That means we expect them to behave well when they’re out walking down the street or meeting someone for dinner. For some reason, we also expect them to be friendly and even welcoming at times.

Don’t get us wrong. Some celebrities tend to abe like this. They are genuinely nice, and their fans love them for it. However, there are also some celebrities who don’t really enjoy interacting with their fans. Perhaps, they want to be able to take a break from fame when the cameras are not rolling. Or perhaps, they are not exactly a people person. Or they don’t like the idea of being photographed or asked for an autograph.

Becoming a celebrity is the dream of almost everyone. But the celebrity life has its own drawbacks. Sometimes, even the slightest of things you do wrong becomes a scandal. Celebrities often try to keep their cool on live TV and present themselves well. But sometimes they end up losing their temper and do something crazy. That entire feud becomes the news and gets viral. Here are times when celebrities got into violent fights on live TV.

Cardi B threw her shoe at Asia Davies

Yes, everyone is aware of Cardi B's reputation for speaking and acting without restraint. She is currently one of the most popular female rap artists. She rose quickly and impressively. This trait is adored by her admirers. However, there are occasions when her madness has no bounds. Cardi B couldn't help but let loose in the Love & Hip Hop reunion episode of 2017. She was talking with Swift about her love triangle with one of her co-stars on the programme, Asia Davies. Cardi pulled off her sneaker and flung it at Asia Davies as the conversation became heated. She felt a loud, forceful chest impact. She must find it embarrassing to be attacked like that on live television.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Arguing At Legoland

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once were spotted having an argument at a park during a family outing. The former "it" couple, who is now battling against each other for custody of their child amid divorce, was snapped fighting at Legoland in Windsor with Angelina shouting in the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor's face.

It was said at the time that the argument took place when they just came off a ride. The person who took the picture of the then-power couple also mentioned that they were still arguing when they met the couple some time later.

Rihanna Snapped At Hassan Jameel During Mexican Getaway

The goal of Rihanna and Hassan Jameel's vacation in Mexico was to unwind. However, the enjoyable holiday in 2018 took a turn for the worst when the two got into a significant altercation while sitting in a chair in the blazing heat.

Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber's Trouble In Paradise At Airport

There were clearly disagreements in Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's on-and-off relationship, and some of them were documented on camera. When they were photographed fighting in their vehicle at an airport, it was one of the couple's public fights that was caught on video.

The "Lose You to Love Me" singer was spotted stomping out of the car and making her way alone to the airport, so things didn't turn out well. The former Disney star didn't stop there; she also threw her handbag on the ground to vent her annoyance. Justin, who is currently married to model Hailey Baldwin, lingered in the van for some time before deciding to go get his girlfriend.d.

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