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Big Zulu Under Fire For Imali Eningi Song

These days, you don't really need a record label, a record label was supposed to give people an edge and put artist's music out there in the widest possible range and basically let it go everywhere. They don't read their contracts and get obsessed with signing for big record labels. 

People no longer require the assistance of a record label because of the availability of applications and social media streaming services. It is, therefore, perplexing that artists continue to seek out the assistance of record labels despite the fact that they could easily accomplish these tasks on their own. 

No doubt there are advantages to having your own record company provide you with cash up front and then monthly payments, but in the long run this is not something worth doing. 

Many things have shifted in this field. Emtee, Sjava, Areece, and Fifi Cooper should have taught him a lesson after they left Ambitious with nothing. You are selling your soul to Ambitious when you sign with them since you will be paid a salary regardless of how much money you generate through bookings, royalties, or other prizes. They get it all. 

Although he has a deal with Ambitious Records, I feel he violated some of the terms and conditions of that contract by agreeing to features on other artists' songs who are not affiliated with that label. In order for artists to quit complaining, they must thoroughly comprehend all of the terms and conditions that they are being asked to adhere to. 

It's common for a lot of artists to sign their contracts without reading them or consulting a lawyer to make sure they understand what they're signing, and then they take to social media to complain about their contracts when it's discovered that they've basically signed away their rights in the process.


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