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Mihlali reveals that she earns R50k for allowance on interview

Mihlali reveals to Boity that she get at least R50k allowance every month from boyfriend.

- Mihlali recently revealed that she gets R50k allowance from boyfriend in an interview with Boity, And Boity didn't show any signs of getting impressed by her getting a R50k allowance.

- In an interview with Boity, While they were laughing together, Mihlali went on to reveal that She gets a R50k allowance from her boyfriend every month. And they don't actually have kids that means all that Money she got is hers and hers alone.

Boity wasn't shocked or surprised by it, As she went on to say that, "That's cute" to Mihlali. This made a lot of people go asking questions to themselves, how much allowance money will be able to impress Boity. Here is the video of Mihlali revealing that she gets at least R50k every month.

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After watching the video Mzansi was left in disbelief as they went on to say this celebrity girls are eating up people's money with showing any mercy. Here are some of the comments shared by twitter users:

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