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Will Mashelembe Finally Leave langa: Mzansi Reacts to Tonights Episode of Mnakwethu/Opinion


Another episode of Mnakwethu aired today showing the story of Mashelembe and her husband langa .After the first episode many people came together to support Mashelembe so that she leaves that polygamous marriage .Langa disrespected Mashelembe when he went and pid lobola for another womana without letting Mashelembe know .

The ladies house of South Africa orgarnised a beautiful baby shower for her and even gifted her with gifts for her baby .They also got her a job in Joburg so that she can be independent and finally leave Langa .It was amazing to watch south African Women coming together to support another woman like this .It shows that when we are united we can achieve great things

On tonights episode Mashelembe revealed that she will be leaving the marriage but many people dont seem convinced that she will leave because she looks like she loves her husband and will do anything to stay in the marriage .She also doesnt look ready to be an independent woman .

Masithole still maintained that she is the pillar of this marriage and Langa cant do anything without her .Langa looks like someone who has been manipulated by Masithole.She is running this marriage and is the one wearing the pants .

We hope Mashelembe leaves the marriage because its honestly not good for her or the baby at all .Its clear that Langa no longer loves her and if she decides to stay she will suffer greatly.

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