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11 Years After Michael Jackson Died, He Left Behind 3 Children. See What Happened To Them

Michael Jackson, one of the greatest musicians of all time, will be remembered for the rest of time. In spite of his poor beginnings, he soared to fame and is now considered to be one of the world's finest musical talents.

In 2009, his unexpected death, which occurred on June 25th, was a devastating blow to the music industry, and the void he left is still felt today by many.

He was well-known for his music, but he was also renowned for his amazing dancing abilities, which he had devised himself.

Michael Jackson died behind three children: Michael Joseph Jr., Paris, and Prince Michael ii. They are all named after him. Before his death, they were all minors.

His first two children were born to him and his second wife Deborah Rowe, but the identity of his third child's mother is a mystery at this time. Michael cared for his children while he was alive, and after his death, his mother Catherine took care of them.

Paris Michael As a musician, Katherine Jackson followed in her father's footsteps. She's also a model, as well as a musician and an actress. On the 20th of October 2020, she dropped a track called 'Let Down,' which was released by Republic Records.

This means Prince is also in the entertainment industry like his dad. A number of his acting credits include films. He also established the Heal Los Angeles Charity to carry on his father's tradition of healing the globe, which he inherited from him.

His son, Michael Jackson Jr., started the organisation Heal Los Angeles to carry on his father's "Heal the World" efforts.

The youngest, Prince Michael Jackson ii, was just 7 years old when his father died. Having reached the age of 22, he enjoys exploring new places, which brings him a lot of happiness. He acknowledged that he lacks his father's abilities, but his father will always remain his hero.

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