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DJ Shimza ex-girlfriend Yola Nqubela caught on camera stealing Sanlam CEO’s Louis Vuitton handbag

Yola Nqubela and Sanlam CEO Azola Mayekiso (Source Instagram/What'sTrending)DJ Shimza ex-girlfriend Yola Nqubela caught on camera stealing Sanlam CEO’s Louis Vuitton handbag

Social media influencer Yola Nqubela is making all sorts of headlines after being spotted on CCTV reportedly stealing an expensive bag. In camera footage that has already swamped social media, the influencer was observed taking an expensive bag with her, which is not hers. The audacious event happened in the famed Jozi hotspot Gemelli restaurant in Bryanston.

She was seen by CCTV cameras walking out with a Louis Vuitton purse which didn’t belong to her. At some point, legend had it that Yola and DJ Shimza formerly dated. In the mix of things, the two have since rubbished the reports. However, DJ Shimza has seen himself trending after being implicated into the equation in the mix of things.

Yola Nqubela (Source Instagram/Whats Trending)Yola Nqubela (Source Instagram/What’sTrending)

In the words of celebrity blogger Musa Khawula, the event occurred when she was in the company of a companion when she was attacked. With her pal in the viral video, she approaches a vacant table and then proceeds to take a luxury purse from the table. While all of this was going on, the influencer stated that she was at Gemelli but disputed the allegations that she had stolen an LV expensive bag.

Yola Nqubela caught on camera stealing Sanlam CEO’s designer handbag in Gemelli restaurant

After rapidly clunching the bag on her shoulder, the influencer vanishes into thin air before anyone can catch a glimpse of her. Although it has not been confirmed, rumor has it that the pricey handbag belongs to Sanlam CEO Azola Mayekiso. Following the daring occurrence, the well-known social media personality appears to have deactivated her Instagram account.

Sanlam CEO Azola Mayekiso (Source Business Magazine)Sanlam CEO Azola Mayekiso (Source Business Magazine)

A comprehensive report, on the other hand, alleges that she disputed the allegations when being confronted about the stolen backpack. The influencer's goals were shifted after she was informed that reports were being filed against her against the backdrop of surveillance video footage.

She had the purse, but she had left it in the Uber, which was returned to her empty a few moments later by the Uber driver. Head of Gemelli security revealed that he witnessed Yola emptying the bag in the parking lot where the keys were discovered, but that this was just a coincidence.

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