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Maskandi Music Lovers Ignored Rainfall Just To See Their Favorite Artists Performing In Durban

Maskandi lovers braved the rain and cold and went to watch their favorite artists at eThekwini 7 Phezulu Music Festival at Albert Park last Saturday.

The followers ignored the hard rains and cold weather over the weekend to attend the Festival. The standard of the festival was lower than expected. The reason for that they were a few sponsors for the event but the fans did not stop because of that they managed to fill up the venue as usual. The ladies who attended the festival dressed according to who their favorite artist was. The artist that graced the event were as follows; IThwasa leKhansela, Bahubhe, Amageza Amahle, Amavukayibambe. Amagqishamnkantsha, Inkunzemnyama, Cheese Wabantwana, and many others.

The invent organizer was Bahubhe, he said he could not get all the good artists as a result of failing to get many sponsors. Things turned out fruitful as many businessmen managed to grace the event and contributed so that the Festival was a success. This year's event could not have happened if it was not for the help of the Brush Mncadi Foundation and many other businessmen who assisted with different things. The other people who made the investment possible were the fans, if they were not there then the investor could have not been the best.

Babe also thanked Thwasa and Khansela who hid to his invitation and became part of the Maskandi artist for the event. The two maskandi were fighting for many years over the issue of girlfriends and they have not been in good books since. Fare enough they managed to attend the event without squabbles or anything like that. Sometimes people learn to forgive each other indirectly and come together to celebrate events like these without having to fight. Women are all over the world they are no need to fail to do other things and fight over them. The organizer did well by inviting the two and as we can see the event was a success.

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Amageza Amahle Amavukayibambe Cheese Wabantwana Inkunzemnyama Maskandi


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