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Inno Morolong calls out the rapper for wanting her boyfriend Femi Large.

Inno accused Gigi Lamayne of always wanting to date her boyfriends. She said Gigi always wants to date her boyfriends. 

She also called her out for following her boyfriend Femi Large on Instagram.

Inno went on her Instagram live and this is what she had to say:

"B*tch I'm not scared of you.I don't know you,what do you want from me?what do you want from my man?what do you want from my friends?my friends had to unfollow you,f*cking b*tch!

" Leave my people alone, you are dirty Gigi Lamayne. You can travel anywhere you want but you will always be dirty. Look at your knuckles, look at you nails, you are a f*cking untidy girl, look at your teeth, and you wanna come on Instagram and act like a nice woman and a big girl, b*tch come here, Gigi you need to come here and address me. I will face you alone,I know what I am capable of" she said.

"I want to believe in my man like Inno believes in hers. Why is she dragging every girl but her man 😭😭😭 Even Gigi Lamayne is catching the smoke now 😂🤌🏿"said @EkseMandisa.

"Inno and her “fans” cyber bullying Gigi Lamayne is really low! Over a man nogal? Now they’re body shaming her and comparing her to a donkey. WTF??! Mean ugly hearted bitches!!!" @MiniSuna tweeted.

Gigi Lamayne is yet to respond.

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