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Gomora| Melusi missed his child's funeral for a beauty peagent

Last friday Melusi went to beauty peagent instead of burying his child, this has got people talking.

Remember how Gladys was always crying about her husband when He was cheating on her with Thathi. Gladys once said to Melusi "I wish one day you can look at me the same way you look at Thathi." That is were Gomora followers felt sorry for Gladys.

Gladys ended up killing Langa and it was a mistake but then the way Thathi pushed her it was not a mistake at all. Thathi knew what she was doing, She want to be with Melusi forever That is why fans are blaming Melusi for going to beauty peagent instead of attending his child's funeral.

Some people pointed out that Melusi did not love Gladys from the first place. Melusi’s heart is with Thathi, this was so obvious from the beginning. Even Gladys said to him "I wish you can look at me like the way you look at Thati". Melusi did not call Thathi his ex he said to her "you are the love of my life". Unfortunately these things happen even in real life. A man will get married to you for stability while his heart belongs to someone else.

Some are saying Melusi did not know about the funeral, but then how? He should have given his wife a shoulder to cry on and made funeral arrangements for his child. But instead He ran to Thathi knowing very well that his wife is at hospital.

Women are going through tough times each and everyday. A man can marry you knowing very well that He loves another woman. Let us hope Gladys will come around this time.

What is your opinion regarding this, What can you say about Melusi and everything that he is doing these days? Leave a comment below.

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