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Finally DJ Maphorisa apologized after he was told that he should expect criminal charges

DJ Maphorisa has finally decided to apologize after the incident that happened on Facebook where buy he called out Dr Malinga and Makwa. DJ Maphorisa and Makwa have been busy for quite some time now since their collaboration on Kwesta's Ngud. But as for Dr Malinga he was as shocked as everyone to what he did to the DJ.

According to social media Facebook platform, it seems DJ Maphorisa has finally come to his senses and apologized to the two musicians for his rant on Facebook and calling them out.

On his apology he alleges that he tripped on that day and he was very sorry for whatever is said to the two musicians.

This is what he said to Dr Malinga, "even you Dr Malinga, stop watching my show [live]. Malinga is on and off. You have to be f****** straight with me. It's either you hate me or love me. It's either we fix this thing, we just be nice people from Pretoria or just leave us alone. When we bump into each other let it pop off once. I [could] take guns and leave with my security. You must fix this thing of yours. I don't know why you f****** hate me or you hate my success," he said to Malinga.

He then took on Makwa and said the following, "Makwa shut da f**k up. Your whole career was made after you copied my wavy from Ngud' by Kwesta enucleated spirit and etc... Fix yourself and f****** work hard for you s***. Lazy boys all you do is just copy and paste. START YOUR OWN SHIRT YOU disgusting. I hope you stopped drinking lean mxm I'm disappointed," he lashed out.

DJ Maphorisa has issued an apology and said the following, "I tripped. Sorry guys I become soft and sensitive sometimes. Makwa I love you, boy. I'm sorry I tripped. Dr Malinga askies grootman laka let's push love for what. Let's make music guys and feed our families. Sorry again," he wrote.

Dr Malinga according to social media, you didn't take these things lightly as he promised to open a case against DJ Maphorisa.

Thank God he has finally apologized for his rant on Facebook on the two musicians, maybe if he wasn't threatened with a police case maybe he wouldn't of apologized, but now that he has apologized we thank God.

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