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Paxton's prank sent Principal Thobakgale running for her dear life

Paxton really went too far, and what is shocking is that Magongwa and Evelyn are willing to do anything in their power to remove Thobakgale from the Principal's chair. The Principal was scared for her life and the worst part is that everything was being recorded. She is going to get mad when she finds out that it was a prank. That was all the proof that she needed that points to Paxton but still there is no concrete evidence.

Principal Thobakgale was starting to relax because she was in grade 8 and the learners were starting to behave well and now they lost it again. There was nothing that the other learners could do except to laugh at her. She also knows that it is Paxton who is doing all this but there is not even one learner willing to point fingers at him because they are scared.Source:

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Evelyn Magongwa Paxton Thobakgale


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