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Dulas Become A Laughing Stock After MaMhlongo Tells Him This In #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter

Dulas Become A Laughing Stock After MaMhlongo Tells Him This In #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter 


I watch this show for Dulas and Qondanisa and their wives. Their Content is always lit when it comes to their part. Dulas is not fit to take isithembu he is just taking chances. He has no control over his wife's, no wonder his baby mama left him. At this point MaMhlongo is just sticking with Dulas because she loves being on tv, their relationship ended a long time ago.

Her and mamchunu, they are bored and no longer want their relationship but want to be on tv. One thing about MaMhlongo and Dulas is that they will never break up. They will all come and go and she’ll remain with him. I have to commend Dulas for being aware that he isn’t married to MaMhlongo and she’s allowed to see other people. Dulas never paid lobola for MaHlongo yet paid lobola for MaShozi he has a nerve of saying she dont listen and does things her way to him so why is he still dating her and not letting her go.

MaMhlongo bringing another man will bring diseases but Dulas won't? When MaMhlongo says she's with two men, they have the audacity to mention diseases. Yet these men date numerous women with no mention of diseases.

Mseleku is literally having a hard time accepting that MaMhlongo has a boyfriend apart from Dulas. He was literally shortcircuiting. MaMhlongo is the karma Dulas deserves.

It's really weird how women fall for a guy that wears a cap backwards with a carvela. You know what they say about men and their caps. It's so bad that he even refused to take it off by MaMhlongo's house, that's considered daylight disrespect.

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