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Former Isibaya actress Celeste Ntuli gives ladies a tip on how to have fresh thighs like her

Summer is just around the corner and if the ladies are not being stressed about having a summer body it's definitely the radiance of their skin.

We all know that society sets unrealistically high standards for women, forgetting that bodies are per sè not seasonal. They can't just wake up with flat tummies and the perfect skin just because it's Summer.

Source: Instagram @celestentuli

But for those who have found the hack, like former Isibaya actress Celeste Ntuli she has decided to share not only her results but her plug too.

One thing about celebrities is that the plugs they give you are always a tad bit pricey, so you need to be ready to spend money to get the same results they did. 

Source: Instagram @celestentuli

Celeste told a follower that it was more than just lotion that helped her but also a body scrub from a company that goes by the name @lindsbeautyempodium on Instagram.

Source: Instagram @celestentuli

But to all my ladies that can't afford products from expensive brands, sunlight green bar soap and a bathing rock that is called 'ichopho' in isiZulu is always an option.

Content created and supplied by: ZeeZondi (via Opera News )

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