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Gugu accuses Vhutshilo of rape and want to press charges In Muvhango

When Gugu was waiting Azwindini to visit him in Joburg to tell her face to face that he love her, it seems he was stuck with chores in Royal house. Vhutshilo took his chances and go to pay her a visit. While Gugu was upstairs in a shower she left a message for Azwindini telling him where he will find the key for her house. Azwindini failed to come at Gugu's house but someone was able to fill that gap. Remember that before Gugu fell with Azwindini she was in love with Azwindini's son Vhutshilo. So he took his bag and visited Gugu unannounced. He knew where they keep the key for each other. While Gugu found Vhutshilo at her house she freaked out and fire him. Remember she was waiting for his dad Azwindini but he did not bother to respond or show up.

Vhutshilo regreted why he go there to be with Gugu, don't forget he is still love her thou Gugu showed more interest into his father.

Gugu didn't waste time she went to Thathe to report him Vhutshilo what he did. The Royal family gathered to hear why Azwindini's mistress is not there. When she told them the whole story Suzan did not keep quite she reminded Gugu that you fired him for harassment at MMC now rape.

When Gugu see that they don't believe her she insisted that Vhutshilo left a message to apologize for what he did. She tried to page the messages and voicemail messages but all the was invain.

Masindi was happy when Gugu fail show a proof of messages from his granson, she said I knew it was her houx to cook lies about Vhutshilo. Thanks to Kgosi who succeeded to save Vhutshilo by deleting all the messages to sent by Vhutshilo. Remember Kgosi is a mastermind of web technology, he is working as an IT employee at MMC. Big up to him to save Vhutshilo to be accused of rape. Gugu had no evidence to prove what she came for at Royal house. Kgosi is also Masindi's granson who lost his mother through the hands of his dad KK.

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