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Nota Baloyi comes after Zodwa Wabantu

Trolls and judgments towards Zodwa Wabantu are not a surprise anymore. This is what makes it even more wrong because it happens more often so much that people just say anything bad that they want to say to the controversial dancer.

Nota Baloyi, who is allegedly well-known for painting people's names badly and tempering with people's reputations has decided to also take shots at Zodwa. Not that Zodwa cannot be spoken about, but the way that Nota degraded her brand unprovoked made her fans angry.

“If ever in your life you use Zodwa Wabantu to justify yourself you must know that you are morally bankrupt… She’s not Winnie Mandela!", Nota tweeted.

Firstly, looking at how Zodwa is the version of so many industry ladies behind the scenes when no one sees them, some of her fans came to her defense in the comments of Nota's tweet.

@ph3hello_mo said, "Zodwa Wabantu deserves all the praises too. That woman made a name for herself in herself without any help from you whore ass industry cook sucking nincompoops. I'd rather celebrate her than these fake American celebrity wannabees".

@ph3hello_mo tweeted again and said, "You are not God. This world is not your Nota, you found it here and you will leave it still here (which I can't wait). So don't act as if you are its rulers. Stop it with your narcissistic & solipsistic penchant of expecting people to live according to your standard".

@zulu_calvinist said, "In my world view... You are violating me...Because Zodwa is acceptable".

@ern_music said, "She is a very liberated woman who lives and speaks her truth! I respect her more than your industry girls!.

In my opinion, I think that Nota was wrong for what he said about Zodwa, it could have been that he said what he said because he does not like Zodwa. Not everyone will look up to you and see any value in your existence, but that does not mean that there is no one who does not see the value in you. So, do not be driven by what people do.

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