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A picture depicting a comfortable life in prison is getting a huge reaction on social media

This picture above is alleged to be of a person who is using a Laptop while in prison the picture has left many South Africans in disbelief.

The picture above was posted by a Facebook post called Just Share it's alleged to be taken inside of a prison cell it is unknown which prison is it, on the picture an inmate can be seen using a Laptop while wearing a watch and nice sneakers, the inmate was taken a picture by another inmate who is in possession of a cellphone.

The picture received a lot of reaction on social media many people are angered that prisoners seem to be living a comfortable life in prison, which is a total disgrace because some of these prisoners committed heinous crimes and should be punished for what they have done.

But it seems like this is not the case some prisoners are even able to make money inside prison this shows how corrupt many prisons are in South Africa, there is no longer any morality in many prisons money seems to control everything prison wardens take bribes from inmate and provide them with anything they want.

Some say that the reason why this is happening is because prison wardens are being paid low salaries, but this boils down to a person's morality no matter how much money a person earns if he/she is a corrupt individual nothing can change that.


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