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He Predicted Several Things That Will Happen This Year & One Of Them Has Already Happened. See Here

Date || 18 January 2022

Source || Twitter


Not many of us are gifted with the ability to see things beyond what we already see in our present lives. This is why there are those we go to, to consult with in terms of our futures. They are able to give us predictions of what they think our futures are going to be like and this is based on what they see when they do these predictions. 

Not long ago, someone made a couple of predictions of what they think will happen in the year of 2022. The list includes things such as the end of long time relationships that we have gotten so used to, the assassination of the Zulu King, Andile Mpisane baby mama Sithelo going on MacG's Podcast and sharing a lot of information there. These were, however, not the only predictions that that guy did as there were plenty more predictions from where those came from.

Photo credit: Twitter

Since the year still has a long way to go, there's, therefore, still time for most of these things to happen. However, there's one that seem to have already happened and its the prediction that some lady by the name of Inno will be arrested. This is was the last prediction on that guy's list but it was the first one to happen. As I have already mentioned, the prediction was that Inno will get arrested and according to certain reports, this has happened when Inno assaulted one of her friends after her friend refused to follow her orders.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

According to the reports, it appears that Inno wanted to go somewhere else after she and her friend left the event that they were at. However, as I have mentioned above, one of her friends refused to go with her as she didn't feel like going and, therefore, Inno took this as a sign of disrespect from her friend towards her and decided to hit her. Inno might, therefore, get arrested for assaulting her friend which means that the prediction that that guy will have come true.

Photo credit: Twitter

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