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Makhadzi’s apology to her after her photographer shared an inappropriate image of her.

Bullies always have something to say about celebrities but Makhadzi is always on top of the list. She’s always bullied about her looks and it gets to her each time.

The self proclaimed queen of pop is without a doubt talented and she matches that with her excellent work ethic. Unfortunately social media is filled with negative people who will always criticise rather than applaud. Makhadzi recently had to issue an apology to her fans after people were sharing a revealing picture that was captured by some cameraman at an event. Makhadzi believes that the cameraman did this on purpose in order to promote his work and his brand. Makhadzi also expressed how bad this setback is for her career and alleged that people often edit her pictures just to make fun of her and get people talking.

Nowadays it’s funny how the very same platforms that make you are the ones that break you, no matter how strong a person is, bullying always cripples the soul. Hopefully Makhadzi will get over the situation and focus on the thousands of fans that vouch for her and her music.

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