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Uzalo - Mamba warns Nomaswazi about digging her fathers past. What is he hiding?

Nomaswazi (played by the beautiful Omuhle Gela) is seemingly traumatized by the fact that she is not seen as equal in the family. 

Nomatter how hard she tries to prove to her family that she is as good as her brother Siya, her mother spurns her down. 

This has left her feeling very emotional and out of place in the family setup. 

The only solace she has are memories of her father. She recently discovered that her mother was lying to her about the contents of the will. 

If her mother can lie about such a huge thing, then what else is she not being honest about? 

So she took it upon herself to find out the truth about what happened to her father. 

The results have been devastating as she hasbeen met with walls of resistance. 

Everybody seems to to give her the runabout when it comes to how her father died and who killed him. 

So in her quest for answers she went to meet up with late father's best friend Mamba. 

But Mamba was not co-operative and he told her to stay away from the truth that she is digging. 

Knowing Nomaswazi, she is not going to stop digging. 

But what is Mamba hiding? 


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Nomaswazi Omuhle


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