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Anele Mdoda sets the record straight on the Kelly Rowland Chaos


Anele Mdoda addresses Kelly Rowland's ongoing drama. Radio host 947 has become an enemy of trolls following her earlier comment about Kelly Rowland on Twitter. It all started when Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted that Beyonce wasn't the prettiest of the Destiny's Child girl group.

Mdoda challenged the tweet, stating that Kelly Rowland is beautiful when she has a bump on her face but no makeup, "they are tickets for her." social media users have harassed Anele on social media since then, especially when the American singer posted a photo of her on her Instagram.

It has become the norm for bullies to cheat on Anele until it starts trending when Rowland shares a picture on social media. It got worse when America Twitter saw trolling and also had a field day at Anele's expense.

The trolls not only embarrassed Anele about her body, they also made dire comparisons. However, Anele is still living the best life of hers and is not really bothered by tyrants. 

On a recent episode of MacG's Celebrity Edition podcast, Anele sat down with the host and let viewers get a bit more into her life.

Anele told a lot about her life and she also answered the one burning question that bothered everyone. MacG asked Mdoda about her problem with Kelly and where it all started. 

Anele laughed at the question before clarifying that she has nothing against Kelly Rowland, but like anyone else, she is entitled to have her own opinion of her. 

“I don't hate Kelly. I don't hate Kelly at all, I just don't think she's prettier than Beyonce, ”Anele said. 

Anele pointed out that it is not uncommon for people to think that someone looks better than someone else, which she just did. The TV personality suspects that trolls are actually fighting her, as Michelle Williams has long been considered the least attractive member, but no one seemed to care at the time. 

“I think it's me, I think that people want something from me because there are many people who think that they are not prettier than others. Michelle has been called the ugly one for years and no one has blinked, ”she said. 

Mdoda was kidnapped yesterday after posting a photo on Instagram wearing an army green jacket. A few days later, Kelly Rowland posted a photo that she was also wearing a green blazer, and social media users believe the American singer is doing it on purpose, just to keep Anele busy.

The tweets have reason to believe that Kelly knew of Anele's comment and decided to avenge him by stealing her appearance and rocking her better. This follows a yellow bikini that Anele wore on her Maldives vacation, and Kelly wore the same swimsuit a few days later.

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