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Is Jerah Maroka from Generations son to Madongwe from Uzalo? See here

Images of Generations actress Jerah Moroka and Uzalo actor Madongwe that went viral and filled social media made the internet look like it was on fire. Real-life connections have been made between two people who look a lot alike, which has sparked a lot of interest. Is Jerah Moroka the son of Madongwe, the Uzalo radical, or do the two of them just look and act very much alike?

South African actress Zama Magubane is best known for her role as Madongwe in the SABC TV drama series Uzalo. She is first and foremost a devoted Christian. She is also Mbatha's ex-wife, which makes her a unique combination. She works as a teacher in KwaMashu, where she lives with her daughter and nephews.

Is Jerah Moroka from the show Generations the son of Madongwe from the show Uzalo?

Madongwe from Uzalo and Jerah Moroka from Generations (Taken from Instagram)

The 38-year-old actress was born in Madadeni, which is part of Newcastle. She grew up there. She grew up in the province of Kwazulu Natal, in the city of Pietermaritzburg. The actress had to go to Durban University of Technology to study Drama and Performing Arts in order to reach her goal of becoming one of Mzansi's best performers (DUT).

Over the last few years, the happy actress has been in a number of series, but she is best known for her roles on SABC3's Presenter Search and Isehlukaniso, both of which aired on the network.

But the fact that she looks a lot like Paballo Mavundla has gotten everyone in Mzansi's attention. Recently, someone said that she might be her mother, and we've started to put the pieces together.

Both actors are in their twenties. The older actress is 38, and the younger one is 22. The fact that they are 16 years apart seems to be a sign that they are not related, as we all thought they were.

The fast-rising actor was born in 1999 in Meadowlands, South-Western Soweto, Gauteng Province. The fast-rising actress was also born in Meadowlands, South-Western Soweto, Gauteng Province. Since Madongwe was born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal before being thrust into the spotlight, it is clear that they are not related.

Paballo Mavundla From Generations (Source Instagram)

From Generations by Paballo Mavundla (Source Instagram)

Madongwe has said in the past that she doesn't talk about her personal life, but she has now told Mzansi that she has two young sons. Madongwe and Jerah don't look anything alike, and neither one of them has said in public that they are related.

After being on The Herd, the Paballo was thrust into the public eye, just like many others before him. A few years later, though, he was chosen to play Jerah Moroka, a young woman with a troubled past, on the SABC1 drama series Generations. After he left Generations, he got a part in the fashion drama House of Zwide on etv.


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