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Meet the 94-year-old woman who is still slaying.

The age of 40 is usually when a person would consider themselves to be getting old, and this is typically the age where most people will lose interest in partying and a lot of other things that are typically done by people who are still enjoying their youth.

Well, for Baddie Winkle this seems to be an exception. If you didn't know who Baddie Winkle is then here is a little you should know about her.

Helen Ruth Elam, better known as Baddie Winkle, is an American internet personality. Helen was born in Kentucky and she became so popular on social media at the age of eighty-five (85), and she created the tagline "Stealing your man since 1928".

Today, Helen has about 3.3 million followers on Instagram, which makes her one of the most followed seniors that can be found on Instagram.

Well, I'm sure you are probably asking yourself what she does on social media that has made her so popular, well, Helen posts pictures of herself dressed in some of the most fashionable clothing, that would normally be promoted by young ladies that are probably in their 20s, one would say she got so popular because she has been slaying on Instagram.

Certainly, Helen is making a lot of money from Instagram and she most likely has sponsors that pay her to promote their clothing and their brands on her Instagram account, since she has over 3 million followers.

Well, we have to applaud Helen for having such confidence, as it is not every day where you get to see an aged individual break the internet especially in the niche that she is in.

Big brands are always looking for young individuals to promote their brands, but there are some instances where they look for something different, and Helen is that different they are looking for.

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