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Gabrielle Union Is Aging Like Fine Wine: see pictures

Gabrielle Monique Union is almost 49 years old. She will be turning 49 years old on October 29. Isn't that just amazing though? Next year she will be turning 50 years old, but she doesn't even look a day older than her age. She is amazingly beautiful and we'll built. What inspires me most, is the fact that everything about her is real. It seems like she did not undergo plastic surgery like everyone else. She takes care of herself, she goes to the gym. That is why her body looks this stunning. Nobody wants to age, we all wish to look 20 years younger even when we grow old.

To anyone who is reading this right now. Taking care of your body is important. Exercise and drink lots of water. This will not only keep your body looking younger,but it will also prevent you from getting sick. It will keep your immune system stronger. That way,it will fight any sickness, because your body is used to exercising. Exercise is not only about keeping your body in shape or looking younger. Not aging is just a bonus. So instead of plastic surgery,please exercise.

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