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Nkunzi Is The King Of Uzalo Right Now, Here Is Why

Nkunzi Is The King Of <a class=Uzalo Right Now,Here Is Why"/>

There is no excellent television without an evil and flawless villain, and Uzalo fans are overjoyed right now. Cool Kruger, alias Nkunzi, is back in command, and he's stirring up some real trouble.

Masoja Msiza's character is back as the resident villain at KwaMashu, and the audience has already been sold.

Sbonelo was thrown out of the house and had a bomb strapped to him by Nkunzi.

He proceeded to enforce the law and informed Sbonelo that the property was his because he stole the heist that was supposed to be his and used the proceeds to purchase the house from his wife MaNgcobo.

Oh course, because he's Nkunzi, he couldn't resist poking fun at Sbonelo by reminding him that he's still alive because to his liver donation.

He sarcastically told him that his liver is the reason he can get drunk and drink at all.

That's a lot of truth bombs, and the audience can't get enough of the evil Nkunzi.

Here are a few of the responses:

 “Our girlfriends are now widows because of NKUNZI”

“When Nkunzi said “ndifuna konke okwami” does that mean he wants his liver too? ”

“Nkunzi back on action, that’s the real Nkunzi that we used to Know. ..Man with power”

“Nkunzi is reclaiming back everything that belongs to him #uzalo

“Uzalo belu lit yeses!!! Lowa boss Nkunzi ebomvu is back!!!!!babo shame”

“Yoh Sbonelo is homeless…Nkunzi the Top Dog

Looks like Nkunzi is not here to play, and let’s not forget how he almost always gets away with murder on Uzalo.

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