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Pearl Garavaglia shows us her before and after transformation ||see photos.

The health and fitness industry in South Africa seems to be growing fast, and we are seeing more and new fitness influencers join the fitness community. We have a lot of fitness influencers and once the fitness industry was male-dominated in South Africa it seems that things have changed as more female fitness influencers are proving that they are more than capable of representing fitness from a female perspective.

Pearl Garavaglia has become one of the biggest female fitness influencers in the country, and she has gained a huge following because of her fitness lifestyle.

Pearl is known as an individual who is dedicated and committed to a healthy lifestyle and she shows us that on her Instagram page where she posts her diets and the exercises that she does to obtain the fit physique that she has eight now.

Pearl has shown us her before and after pictures, on her Instagram and I'm sure many of us can tell that she looked very different in her before pictures.

Anyone who goes to the gym and follows a clean diet and workout routine knows that to obtain results one must also work very hard, and it shows that Pearl did just that and it shows on the before and after picture that she posted on her Instagram page.

Even in the before picture she still displays signs that she worked out and followed a good diet as that shows in her physique from 2015.

Well, today it seems she has the physique that most can only dream of having, and it seems that it did not come easy as it took a long time to obtain the fit physique that she has now. 2015 until now is a long time so it's safe to say that it took her a long time too.

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Pearl Garavaglia South Africa


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