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EXPOSED| The lady who posted her Private Part left Mzansi stunned after she did this

In order to become famous, many people have tried a lot of different things, and they all failed. If you want money, you might want to become famous. Some ways to become famous are not the best ways.

Social media has been buzzing after a woman is said to have put her private parts on social media. Asked why she would post something like that on social media, but this woman had her own plans.

Later, this woman tweeted something that has shocked everyone in South Africa. She put a video on YouTube of herself singing. We didn't know until she posted a video of herself singing that she did this as a stunt to become famous. I think she was just trying to help her singing career, but she does sound like an angel when she does it.

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If you want to see her most recent video, go to this link:

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