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KZN Millionaire & Businesswoman, Mam'Mkhize Shows Off Her Summer Body In Her New Posts. See Here.

Date || 22 October 2021

Source || Instagram


So as we can all see, the summertime finally has shined upon us and, therefore, people are on a lighter mode and are happier than usual. On top of all of this, people are also showing off the summer bodies that they worked for during the winter season. They are wearing bikinis, shorts, tank tops, bbl clothes, etc., they just putting on anything that will allow them to feel fresh and cool. 

One of those who's showing off their summer body is KZN millionaire and businesswoman, Shauwn Mkhize who's famously known as Mam'Mkhize. Mam'Mkhize came to fame after her reality show with the same name made waves after it had aired on TV. She has since remained a public figure and a lot of people aspire to be like her or be as successful and wealthy as she is. 

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram

Today, Mam'Mkhize posted a picture of her summer body in her all-black bikini. In the picture, the KZN businesswoman had on a black bikini and also had on a leopard print over up, black and white sunglasses, and black sandals. Her outfit looked quite good and she did a couple of poses to show off different angles of the outfit.

Photo credit: Instagram 

Mam'Mkhize made sure that she wore something that was suited to her age and wasn't too revealing as it most probably wouldn't have looked flattering. It's so nice seeing older women also enjoying the things that young people enjoy but also enjoying them in a way that's best suited to them. Mam'Mkhize most probably even inspired others around her age on how to wear a bikini or what type of bikini to wear so that, they don't feel uncomfortable and feel like they are doing a bit too much. 

Photo credit: Instagram

What do you think of Mam'Mkhize's bikini outfit? Do you like it or not? Please leave a comment in the comments down below.

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