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Magongwa Financial Woes Sets To Begin, DBE Suspended His Pay

History is set to repeat itself at Skeem Saam's Alfred Magongwa. Magongwa, the Teacher and Deputy Principal at Turflop High School will work for three months without pay. 

The Mathematics Teacher and his colleague, Sthoko Letswalo were relieved to survive the chopping block. Sthoko went away with 2 months of no salary whilst Magongwa will have to survive for 3 months without the salary. 

The pair had been summoned to a disciplinary hearing after the student (Jonas Manamela) was eaten by the lion during the school trip to Johannesburg in April. 

The pair has been accused of being in a cosy relationship when their half naked picture was circulating on social media. The were charged with negligence and accused of ignoring the safety regulations whilst they were in duty.

Magongwa will be dealt with more financial woes as he still has a lot on his plate, he is still paying his Mercedes Benz car on the other hand the bond loan is also waiting for him.

The SABC1 soapie viewers will remember in 2017 when Magongwa was in a serious problems of debts, which he kept them from his wife, Celia Magongwa. Alfred's ended up loaning money from the dangerous loan shark, Dragon Lebelo. 

Dragon is well known for forcefully take belongings of his customers that are failing to repay him his monies. Magongwa is set to find himself in that dialema AGAIN. 

They are 5 things that viewers can learn from the role Magongwa is set to embark on.

1. Be decisive when it comes to money

2. Draw a budget

3. Spend money on things you can afford

4. If you have a spouse, don’t make decisions alone

5. Differentiate between a ‘Want’ and a ‘Need’

Celia will have to look after the family for the three months which Magongwa won't receive his remuneration. Will they cope? There is bond loan, car and home needs that they need to look after. 

Viewers should tune in weekdays on SABC 1 at 18:30.

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Celia Magongwa DBE Dragon Lebelo. Magongwa Sthoko


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