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VIDEO: Thembi with Malcolm were playing a money game and Thembi was not happy at the end

Thembi and Malcolm are also the best when it comes to being good employees and employers. They are also open to making fun of each other, as Thembi and Malcolm demonstrate. The entire family loves Thembi, and even though sometimes you will be laughing a lot with them, the drama comes from them.


From the comment section, they have talked about whether their relationship is genuine. Thembi keeps breaking a rule that she must never ever drive the Toyota Land Cruiser, but it starts with Malcolm taking her care without letting Thembi know. She will then take that car, which she was told bluntly that no one should drive. With many of his, it is not a problem.


They were also playing a unique game with their money, which was not going to end well for either one of them. Thembi was the person who lost that odd game. What they love is the relationship they have and it is not based on money because they are just playing an unnecessary game with it. What they love is the experience of mocking one another.


So far, when it comes to employee and employer relationships, there are two of them that they talk to how they want to each other and no one gets fired. Solphenduka does it with MacG, and that is what they love to do. MacG even talked about how he could not fire someone from the podcast and he could not do it because of the history of being fired. It is very painful to experience it.


With Thembi and Malcolm, they are always troubling each other. She even said that Malcolm is going to fire her and she will retire when she is tired and does not have the energy to work. From how they are having a good relationship, it will feel like death if they have to leave. She is not seen and taken as someone working for them; she is a great mother to the entire family.

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