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OPINION: Will Eunice use the information she found against Lehasa?

What is her next move from here


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

Eunice finds the most famous usb that Lehasa has looked for and never found it. Eunice is not a corrupt person or knows how to blackmail someone for that matter, then what is she going to do with it.

If she decides to use it, it will definitely get her in trouble and then again it could get her something beneficial in return. I think this information has been found by the wrong person, Eunice is too soft for the information like this.

This usb was supposed to be found by someone who is desperately want to succeed or wants revenge against Lehasa. Sfiso would have been the best option, i mean just imagine him owning a Cafe Rovhuwa one day. Eunice will definitely take the usb and give it to Lehasa and then that would be it.

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