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Lovey-Dovey: Romeo Shows His True Colours And Does This To Lilanga

Now, it is obvious what Lovey Dovey's purpose is and in the past weeks, we have seen some connections, which seemed real between a few of the couples.

And this was during the time when there were challenges that came with being in the house with other people.

The viewers were bound to react to most of what happened in the latest episode of the show, we saw a different aspect of Romeo and Lilanga's relationship.

The arguments that we witnessed last night were alarming for a lot of people because these were the two people that the viewers thought were doing just fine.

Apparently, Lilanga mentioned that her and Romeo are not compatible and this is one of the things which led to the mixed reactions.

In the Lovey Dovey house, we saw that some of the housemates were interested in other people even though they had partners.

And this was the case with Romeo and Lilanga, it was clear that Lilanga wanted to explore things with her fellow housemate, Keke.

However, it seemed like she genuinely liked Romeo, and now that they are out of the house, things might have completely changed.

Lilanga mentioned that she felt played by Romeo because he wanted clout and money and the viewers were also convinced that Romeo was showing his true colours.

Some viewers claimed that Romeo seemed aggressive towards Lilanga during their altercation on the last episode and there is really a lot to point out when it comes to what happened.

One thing is that, we do not know how Romeo and Lilanga's relationship is when the cameras are not rolling.

Lilanga mentioned that Romeo barely expresses himself, they do not communicate as they should because he internalises a lot and he is always on his phone.

But in all of this, we never get to know what Romeo thinks about the relationship. As it is, the two are no longer in a relationship, this is what we know from what we saw last night, Lilanga packed her things and left Romeo.

The viewers thought that this was best for both of them because things were starting to get out of hand and calling it quits might have been the one thing they needed to do.

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