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Date My Family: Stephanie realises she's in love with her "male besties" during final date

This week on Date My Family we met a young woman who was once lost but is now found... In arms of her male bestie who simply goes by the name, "Hype". She left Mzansi dumbfounded as she decided to confide this to Tumisang, the hopeful single

The questions remains, why come onto the show at all if she was in love with her friend?

Its seems that love isn't possible on Date My Family these days. The past few weeks have not gone well. The couples haven't been compatible with one another and this week wasn't all too different. Stephanie decided the love of her life was in front of her all along. It's the stuff romcoms are made from but in this story, she's the villain.

I hate when people clout chase on reality shows. It defeats the objective of the show because now no one is happy and people hate you for your callous actions. Stephanie revealed that she had already been intimate with Hype prior to the date when she had her "epiphany" it was all very strange.

Social Media Opinion

One shocked user wrote, "This whole male bestie story, why is she on date my family in the first place

Wasting people's time

Now she is love with him#DateMyFamily"

While another user asked, "But why are you wasting our time, kanti wena you knew ufuna u bestie wakho same people they just want fame at the wrong platform #DateMyFamily"

Personal Thoughts

I felt really bad for Tumisang who had picked Stephanie because she had a male bestie and it ended up being the reason he was rejected. It can't be easy to go through that on national television. However he took it on the chin and even confirmed his suspicions about her and Hype. I really hope this was not some kind of stunt motivated by malice.

Please to anyone coming on the show, don't waste anyone's time and our time as the viewers.

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Source: Date My Family on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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