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Divorce Affair

Siyacela is really going to take a second wife

By Ronewa Ramulifho

It's now confirmed that Siyacela is having an affair outside. His plan is to take a second wife . When the show started, Siyacela said that he will never take a second wife , he doesn't want to be like his father and have more wives , one is enough . And he also said that the main reason why he is not taking a second wife is because he doesn't want to hurt Thando's feelings . Which just melted peoples hearts because it showed that he does indeed care about her feelings .

But now things have changed , Siyacela is actually considering to take a second wife . He already made a move , which is to be in another relationship with another girl . Basically he is cheating on Thando . The reason why Mzansi is not okay with what Siyacela is doing is because , Thando is supposed to prepare for exams and with the stress that she will be getting from all of this might result to her failing her matric.

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Ronewa Ramulifho Siyacela Thando


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