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One Latex Dress Worn By 5 Celebrities. Who Rocked It?

When it comes to fashion, trust and believe that someone has the exact same outfit as you do especially in the celebrity world. And although celebrities like to pride themselves on looking different and unique, sometimes they find themselves twinning with another celebrity. And whether they like it or not, we can't help but gladly judge who rocked it best.

Most sources credit Kim Kardashian and her younger sister, Kyle Jenner for starting the 'too hot to handle' latex dress trend, and soon after, most celebrities started rocking the exact same dress style.

The gorgeous curve-hugging dominatrix latex PVC, vinyl, and rubber dress in a nice shade of pink, and since the trend started, it has been going viral. The dress is worn differently by every celebrity, however every celebrity who is caught wearing the latex dress is usually compared to the first person who started this dress trend, Kim Kardashian.

Whether it's on the red carpets or the runway, many celebrities have opted to make a bold fashion statement in the pink skintight latex number and every celebrity knows how to rock it in their own style. Fashion designer, Atsuko Kudo is one of the few who had a brilliant idea to design a dress using PVC latex rubber and vinyl instead of using a material. And now our celebrities can't get enough of the latex trend.

Here Is One Latex Dress Worn By 5 Celebrities. Who Rocked It?

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian is a well know reality tv star, model, and entrepreneur. Most sources credit her for starting the pink dominatrix latex dress and she has been spotted wearing this dress in many different ways.

Pixie Lott

Victoria Louise Lott popularly known for her stage name, Pixie Lott is an English singer and songwriter. She was one of the first to wear the exact same pink latex dress like Kim Kardashian.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj also joined the pink latex outfit challenge, the outfit looks exactly like the pink dress Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing during an event.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose Levonchuck is an American model and television personality. She was also spotted wearing the exact same latex dress that is currently trending thanks to Kim Kardashian.

Millen Magese

Millen Magese is a world-renowned fashion model and humble humanitarian who was also caught wearing the exact same latex dress as Kim Kardashian.

And there you go, one latex dress is worn by 5 celebrities. So put on your judge's hat and decide on who rocked it best? Was it the trend starter, Kim Kardashian, or the followers of the trend, you decide.

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