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The Smallest Woman In The World - Photos

Source: (Does Jyoti Amge Have a Husband? Here's the Scoop on the Shortest Woman in the World)

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Ma Petite was a memorable figure for people who watched American Horror Story: Freak Show. It wasn't just because of Ma Petite's heartbreaking exit from the program, but also because the actor who played her, Jyoti Amge, is the world's shortest surviving woman. When she turned 18 in December 2011, she set the Guinness World Record by standing at 62.9 centimeters (2 feet, 0.7 inches) tall.

Jyoti has achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism that explains why she is just 24 inches tall and weighs 12 pounds. The problem is that, despite her ability to fit into clothing designed for 3-month-old infants, the Indian actress is actually 27 years old.

Jyoti and her family visit the United States from India in the first episode of a new TLC series called Extraordinary People. They will explore employment prospects and enjoy American culture during their stay. Jyoti, on the other hand, hopes that a doctor may help her with a difficult health problem she's had for years: two shattered legs.

Jyoti may appear to be a young child at first glance, yet she is an adult who resents when others treat her as such. (After all, who wouldn't?) Naturally, the topic of whether she is romantically linked to or married to someone has arisen.

Jyoti, then 23 years old, filed a complaint against a man who began sharing images of his alleged marriage to her in 2017.

According to The Hindu, Jyoti's sister Archana stated, "For the past two-three days, certain images have been disseminated on social media concerning my sister's alleged marriage to a person of Indian heritage in the United States." "We have no idea what his name is." He is abusing those photographs. We want to make it clear that Jyoti is not married.”

Jyoti's sister denied that she got married in 2017, but a lot can happen in three years. So, in 2021, is the actress dating or married? Let's take a look at it more closely.

Jyoti's Twitter feed isn't particularly useful in determining her relationship status because it's largely full of warnings about wearing masks and taking other measures against the new coronavirus. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't tell us anything about a future husband.

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